Digital PR Training

Our founder, Hana Bednarova, offers Digital PR Training. Whether it’s a team of 20+ members or 1-2-1, Hana is here to help, share her own experience, knowledge, tips, latest trends and passion for Digital PR.

We are flexible and want to make sure our training is tailored to you, whether it’s the topic that you’d like to focus on, or how much time you’d like to invest – from morning sessions to half and full day training.

  • Getting into Digital PR

  • Digital PR Tactics

  • Coming up with ideas and turning them into strong Digital PR Campaigns

  • Media list building and choosing the right journalists to contact

  • Creating relationships with journalists

  • Writing a strong outreach email

  • Analysing and re-launching content that did not work

  • Evaluating Digital PR campaign’s results

Half Day
Full Day

There will be always time for Q&As and also if you need help with your current campaigns, Hana is happy to review them and recommend next steps, amends or tips to improve chances of getting top tier coverage.

Get in touch with us via calling 0161 955 4212 or email