After completing my Master’s Degree in Literature. Digital PR was not where I expected to land a job. But I am so grateful I did. My passion for writing and content creation is what initially drew me to the marketing industry. However, I quickly discovered that my role at Bednar Communications was going to entail so much more than that. 

The only form of PR I was familiar with before starting this job was traditional. Despite being aware of the presence of Digital PR, I had little idea just how vital the industry was to modern marketing. I had a lot to discover. 

Learning about Digital PR

My first month mainly consisted of getting to grips with the basics and understanding not only how, but why Digital PR works. From planning and research to outreach and building relationships with journalists. I have learned just how important every single task is and how, when done well, can produce great results for clients. 

The team has allowed me to progress at my own pace. And has given me the opportunity to complete a wide variety of tasks in order to decipher my strengths and weaknesses. 

There have been some definite learning curves, as to be expected with any new job. For example, I thought that writing press releases would be a breeze for me. Yet despite my writing experience, I found myself struggling. My colleagues were always on hand to give me guidance and support. Trial and error have never been so key. Writing and editing drafts until content is ready for release has enabled me to adapt my writing style to better align with client needs. 

Outreach has been an extremely enjoyable component of my job. Seeing campaigns reach global coverage and gaining links has been a very rewarding experience. 

Whilst outreaching I have also learned some extremely valuable skills. Such as how to find the right journalists, tailoring pitches to target certain audiences. And the importance of changing up subject lines, reacting to the news in order to create reactive pitches and so much more.

It’s an ever-changing industry

One of my favourite things about this industry is that it is ever-changing. That means my tasks consist of something different every day. The job never feels static, and there is always room for new ideas and innovation. And there is always a fresh, fun campaign on the horizon.  

If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to start their career in Digital PR, it would be to head in unafraid of the unfamiliar. This is the kind of job where even seasoned professionals are constantly learning. You will always have to adapt to new ways of doing things. And always remember to follow the latest trends, pay attention to the news and popular culture. 

Upon reflection, this has been one of the most successful months I have had in any role. I have learned so much and grown as a professional – and I haven’t even scratched the surface! I cannot thank the team enough, I am extremely grateful to be where I am and look forward to a long-standing career in Digital PR.

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